Young Dolph — What I Gotta Do lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "What I Gotta Do" by Young Dolph.


I’m smoking on that west coast, I’m rocking Italy
My bitch from Detroit, she moved to Memphis. Fell in love with a D-boy
When you first met me you knew I was on that player shit
I play with money, I don’t play with ho’s. That’s that Castalia shit
Fucking with Daddyo, he showed me my first half a milli
Nowadays a young nigga playing with a ticket
Steady copping new coupes and getting new speeding tickets
Tear that shit up, throw it off the roof, light up my sticky
Middle finger to the police, fuck the speed limit
12 years old, I told myself I’ll never be broke
Basketball cool, but I’m good at moving dope
Gotta take care my folks, but I ain’t selling blow
I’m just doing what I gotta do The difference between me and you
You gon' make up an excuse and I’m a do what I gotta do
I’m a do whatever I gotta do
I’m a do whatever I gotta do
I’m a get out here and do whatever I gotta do Whatever it take, I’m too used to lobster and steak
Nah you can keep that lil' pussy. Lil' mama I’m super straight
Yeah I’m too busy running up this motherfucking cake
I save them nothing bitches for them lame ass niggas
You a pussy. Come to my hood, you get no pass nigga
Might get robbed blind and threw in the trash nigga
Sat my bitch down and told her I’m nothing like yo last nigga
I’m straight out the slum. That’s just where I’m from
They don’t make 'em like me no more
They don’t come how I come
I didn’t make A’s and B’s cus I was selling P’s
Remember Uncle Vic asked me, lil nigga you selling weed?