Young Dolph — These Streets lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "These Streets" by Young Dolph.


These streets just be calling me I see the plug fell in love with the streets
My whole life changed when I found the plug in these streets
Number one rule ain’t no love in these streets
These streets just be calling me I tried to walk away from the game but I couldn’t
The streets won’t let me, cause I’m too respected
I start feeding the streets they gon' feel neglected
Number 1 d-boy in my city nigga the streets elect me I did that I done that yo bitch I had fun with that
Before this rap shit I was running through bells like a running back
The town dry so niggas calling asking when I’m coming
Hunnid round I’m dumping that
Rob me none of that
Talking on the phone, rolling up strong
Hitting yo bitch from the back
Ghetto ass big booty bitch mane I had to do it
Take it out the plastic weigh it up I’m a addicted to it
I tried to leave this shit but ended up with p’s and a Number one rule it ain’t no love round here
Barely keep you a pistol and some girls round here
Nutting but 2 rules better watch the girls round here
Fuck around and get so fucked head balls round here
Fucking with the hoes, nigga don’t be no dumb
Get yo stupid ass kidnapped and taped up like a mummy
{​?] when I’m coming
Fuck that booze shit I’d rather be in my trap house selling onion
Got a stupid ass money spotting mothafucka jumping
My family say I’m being greedy shit I’m missing money
Addicted to cough syrup, smoking weed and straight hustling
I just got one question if I leave will the streets still love me