Young Dolph — South Memphis lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "South Memphis" by Young Dolph.


Same nigga can do shit on the waypaper
motherfucker lay
every time I drop the shit gonna be straightand nowhere
Chill like the nigga chilling fool game
like was me somewhere and everybody
Ill do this shit you know what Im saying
Ive been this shit for good mean it I could have a deal. you know Im just doing me, you know what Im saying
Im just doing my paper
…see oh shit dog shit
…she got that
Slaight the all shit, shaight the dog shit
I run this business
Nigga dont know this shit.
You know Im saying Im the nigga
I dont get it wrong I got it my whole motherfucking team
work and make sure shes damn
If you know what Im saying
Shout my nigga
you know what Im saying God know the team
Motherfucker money team
And I ain tell about fool
shut out the floor
Im so fly
The the difference between me and a lot of artists
I aint get you aint gonna get far
.that man doing, that man doing
Can live no negative to make you move like this
And get some beats nigga
Fuck, I wont live nigga
your nigga how you fucking with
…this piece of cake nigga
Thirty thousand dollars
It gotta be, it gotta be this shit
…but I will never put up no if you know what Im saying
In first type people like
You know what Im saying no featuring, no
…immediately count
that everybody consider
my first mix-tape
.just abouttwo chains
they book me my first
for this shit
How many nigga you know, your firstbooked in the
for this shit
my nigga holyday, you know what Im saying
Stupid producer, stupidyou know what I am saying
after this
I drop the
I was born through some shit
It took bigger and it took
Or my dog
They are like… too much
We gotta keep that shit going
.i lost my.
Give them a damn about the music.
You know what Im saying .so after this
This shitall kind of shitbullshit
After.scream again
motherfucker like missing
its just the history of all it aint say
.drop it mix-tapeyou know wht I saying
You wander way I dont give fuck about nothing.