Young Dolph — I Need My Medicine lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "I Need My Medicine" by Young Dolph.


I can’t even lie my nig I’m higher than I’ve ever been
Shawty I stay fresher than yo baby daddy’s ever been
7th floor Marriott me and two lesbians
Stupid kush and codeine that’s my daily medicine
I don’t do the Reggie do not insult my intelligence
Og bubble diesel them my daily fragrances
Scrilla squad my family
Young dolph my alias
Swag out this universe call me young alien
Rollin up a blunt of purple louder than Ya revered
Pour me up a cup now it’s t to take my medicine
Start when I was 16 and I ain’t stopped every since
Call the drank man and tell him I need some more medicine
I Need my medicine
Og I need my medicine
What Ya sipping dolph?
A cup of syrup
What Ya smokin on?
A blunt of stupid purp
I Need my medicine
My flavor Ill
Where’s my medicine
I Think I left it at the crib
I need my medicine
I got the bubble guts I gotta shit
I need my medicine
And my blunt it stay super lit
I Got og rolled up and I got purple poured up
I’m on my 7th blunt and I’m on my 4th cup
Feel like I’m on a delta flight my nigga I’m high as fuck
Waiting on dolph to fall off my Nigga you shit outta luck
All the drank gone call my boy mr t Sky walker of in my swisher sweet
I bet you 50 racks I show you that to bitch a freak
30 minutes from the back and put that bitch to sleep
Met her down south but she say she from the east
Red bone from philly and she say her name Patrice
Dolph keep a bad bitch
Just like I keep the dro lit
Smoking chokin sippin in the booth cause my flow sick
I Took my medicine now I’m in saks fith drowsy
Guapoholic shopaholic I don’t do the browsing
Amy giving day I might spend a couple thousand
Pull up on yo bitch and take her back to dolph island
Never popped a pill but I can’t never sit still
Welcome to dolph world we smoke kush and crack seals
Me and Kesha stay together call us jack and Jill
Daddyo you better tell these niggas what’s the deal
Styrofoam crushed ice two liter sprite
Somebody call my bitch tell her I can’t make home tonight
Either I had too much to smoke or had too much to drink
But fuck all that call mr t I need another pint