Young Dolph — George lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "George" by Young Dolph.


Move to Cali for the plug like George
On the juggin' shit, been rocking Tom Ford
Nigga wanna be like me but can’t afford it Got 50 OG’s in the trunk of a Ford
I don’t dwelve on the past I just look forward
Nigga come try me my nigga I’m waiting for it Nah I ain’t got security just my boys
And they ready to let them pistols make some noise
Nah I ain’t got security, got 36 ounces on my wrist
Literally, you reach for it guaranteed my nigga gon' put you out yo misery
Got a little bitch from East Africa
These sneakers come from Italy
Seriously, these lil niggas ain’t seeing me Made my mind up when I got in the plane like George
Walking through TSA hella paranoid
Got my game face on looking straight forward
Just landed now I’m in the streets looking for it What is this and how much do you want for it Yes smell aight but is this shit smoking
He said yeah but somebody bout to come get some of it Fuck that my nigga here goes the money I need all of it The hood go crazy every time I score
Slam dunking these p’s like a power forward
I fuck bitches and smoke weed when I get bored
So ay my nigga tell yo bitch I’m looking forward
I ran up a quarter million I’m bored
Like them Texas boys ya know I keep some ore
They say my spot is like a L. A weed store
Yo bitch can’t take no dick that ho make too much noise
I met my plug through a bitch just like George
Hood rich young nigga remember when we used to be rich
problems dope boy
Just we be talking to me young nigga, the world is yours