Young Dolph — Dead Ass Serious lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Dead Ass Serious" by Young Dolph.


When it comes to that paper I be dead ass serious
My driveway look like the Fast and the Furious (skrrt)
My bitch say why you be so motherfucking serious
I said cause I ain’t got time for bullshit, period
When it comes to my niggas I be dead ass serious
When it comes to scrilla I be dead ass serious
Catch me speedin' in traffic and smokin' on that killer shit
I’m always spendin' money, every other day I’m at the dealership
Just another day, young nigga gettin' paid
I been sellin' P’s since the 10th grade
Nigga you bitch made, I’m selfmade
Have more money than the principle in the 12th grade
I feel like Cube, today was a good day
You ever made a 100k off of two plays
Rubber band it up and send that shit back to the bay
My lil bitch love when I buy her heels and call her bae
You say you trapping but you broke so you just in the way
Spent 10, 000 on carpenters and cages
I just left the dealership
Young nigga in a foreign car membership
MVP I won the trap nigga championship
Don’t play with me, play with your bitch
That’s how niggas get killed
Solid nigga a 100 percent, that’s just how I was built
A cup of sizzurp with my cookies I don’t need no milk
Flip another pack and go get another whip
I’m dead ass serious, I’m dead ass serious
These rocks on my arm, clearer than icewater
Jumped in that pussy and I swear it feel just like water
My stash house, floor just white marble
Servin' out the supercharger
Everyday my spot get hotter than hotter