Young Dolph — Cross Country lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Cross Country" by Young Dolph.


Cross country trapping
Took me a trip made my first hundred thousand
Got me a plug and that money start piling
Got that new coupe with zero mileage
Farrago mo down and my traphouse styling
I don’t need no motherfucking stylist
My young niggas wilding
My motor growling
I sent that shit back to the plug and told them I don’t want it if it ain’t the
loudest (ion want it)
All a nigga gotta do is tell me where he at with it, Ima come get it and get
that shit back to my own city
Ima tax these niggas, I Ain showing no love but I’ll sell it to my dogs for the
low low
I make a bitch look good
Young nigga caked up
I’ll never ever fuck with a broke hoe
What? Mhm? Naw that’s a no no
I made her give me head so long that I sent the bitch back on the U with a sore
Steak the steak eating steak getting cake
Never trust a nigga if he can’t look you in the face
Yeah I’m living good, but only if you knew what it takes
Cross country trapping trapping trapping x12
I Ain never had shit so I went and got it One day I might be in the bay the next day in atl throwing money in follege
Might pull up in the rari
I sell dope, that’s my job, nigga this ain’t no motherfucking hobby
I heard some niggas wanna rob me so I turned up a lil but more on these fuck
Ion give a fuck you know how I be Let a nigga try me Shit gonna get a lil sloppy
When I finished witcho bitch she was knocked knees
Remember I was looking for a plug ran into this bitch said her daddy got
keys (I'm straight shawty)
I had Ta break it down to the bitch
I don’t sell blow but the price so cheap I might as well though
Lil mama wanna fuck you can tell though
but me I don’t give a damn though
Cross country trapping
Cross country trapping
I just got here and did whatever i had to do Ta make this shit happen
Turn a $ 100 to a hundred thousand
Dope boy magic