Young Dolph — Big Deal lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Big Deal" by Young Dolph.


I wake up every morning on a multi-million mission
I call my Cali bitch and told her I’m on the way to visit
My nigga said he’ll sell me a hundred for 250
Deal done, a hundred of 'em on the way to Memphis
I stopped in Texas and poured up a pint with Paul Wall
Slam dunking P’s around this bitch like John Wall
Nah I’m a Memphis nigga, I slam them bitches like Marc Gasol
R.I.P. to Ida Mae and free all my dogs
I put it all on the line, that’s what made me Mama was drinking when she was pregnant, that’s why I’m crazy
I told the major labels «fuck you, pay me»
Fuck you think this is? I just had my new baby
The fuck you think this is? I ain’t shit like these rappers
I’m laughing at 'em 'cus them niggas fake as wrestlers
Sold out shows, bad bitches, and trappers
I got the streets going stupid, free my nigga Gucci
What’s up with that Dolph nigga? What’s the big deal?
Half a million dollar pack, that’s a big flip
You ain’t gotta bump my shit nigga, yo bitch will
I see straight through you pussy niggas like a windshield
Send a hundred shots through a pussy nigga windshield
I like my bitches small waist, booty real big
Welcome to Dolph World, that’s where I live
I asked God to help me find a plug and do it real big
In Dolph World, that’s where I live
In the hood, that’s where I chill
On the west coast, that’s where I sco'
Dirty Texas tea, that’s what I po'
Two thousand Franklins stashed in the flo'
She thick then I might put dick in yo ho
Why they love me? What’s the big deal?
Grown ass man still riding big wheel
Push the turbo button, watch the coupe fishtail
Weed so strong when you cut the plastic it got a shit smell
Nigga that’s all we smoking
Nigga that’s why I’m choking
Shit so sticky can barely roll it