Young Dolph — All Mine lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "All Mine" by Young Dolph.


How you doing? Nice to meet you boo, they call me Dolph
Baby girl I couldn’t help it but to speak how you stand out
You want to drink? What you drinking? Yeah you can hit this loud
Matter fact I got a 2-seater sitting outside, we can smash out
First stop I ran out of weed so I’m pulling straight up in my trap house
She said you dress too damn good, why yo pants gotta hang down
I said you know what, I think you right. Bitch here hold this pistol
Break down this swisher
Take off yo panties
Matter fact, where yo nigga?
Fuck it, it don’t matter anyway
When you wake up in the morning you ain’t gon' want that nigga anyway
She taking shots of Patron. She just wanna have a good time
She blowing out cookie smoke, wearing no panties, she all mine
She sexy as hell, wearing no panties, she all mine
Smoking A-Plus with me and she all mine
Her iPhone about to go dead and she all mine
She all mine. Yeah she all mine
She a lil' tipsy, she taking pictures, she all mine
She came out that dress thick as hell and she all mine
She all mine, she all mine, she all mine
That shit was crazy
Pussy so good I told that bitch I want you to have my baby!
I’m just bullshitting, that pussy was good though
I jumped up, rolled one up, poured me a 'fo
She jumped up, threw me down, said she want some mo'
I’m from the back, pulling hair. Yup, round 4
She sexy as hell and I’m a young playa
Got cribs everywhere, in and out the city
I fucked her good then I told her count this paper with me She said that she sleepy. I’m still smoking weed geeking
We got up about 6 o’clock, went and got some breakfast
Went right back to the spot and we got right back to the business because