Wreckless Eric — Back In My Hometown lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Back In My Hometown" by Wreckless Eric.


Oh I was standing in the the road
For the first time in several years
I closed my eyes cos just a terrible sight
And my teenage days started to reappear
I want to take a walk down a shady lane
Where your love first hit me I was standing in the middle of a new estate
And I observed the location of my first kiss
I’m back in my hometown
Well did you see that girl
That just walked by She was once a flame of mine
She’s wearing casual slacks and a CMA mac
And if I looked in disbelief
She’s a-looking back
Yeah, back in my hometown
That finger hole was just a picture house
It was a place for your lovers to go Well If you took a date there
You never saw the show
But you could take her all the way
We used to dance all night
At the river flat hall
Where the ferry boats answer the
But it never set sail
On a first hand gale
I fell in love with a Parisian lady
I’m back in my hometown
Yeah back in my hometown
Yeah back in my hometown
I’m back in my hometown