Wormed — Stellar Depopulation lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Stellar Depopulation" by Wormed.


Spherical shell surrounding the cores
Explode in a supernova as their inert iron cores collapsing
Into an extremely dense black hole
Hundreds trillions red dwarfs (stars)
Dominate the photon radiation
Explosion is beamed into two narrow oppositely directed jets
Increasing turbulences
Amplification of toroidal magnetic fields
By the magneto-rotational instability
Nucleosynthesis photodisintegration burning of the stars
Re-collapse of the universe
Opaque matter in every direction
Modifying the law of the gravity
Predicted singularities
Cosmic dusty plasma
This era cannot last
Gravitational forces degenerate the matter
Super out bursts vanishes in this gaseous environment
I can’t measure the amount of this heavy elements
Nonlinear equilibrium involve the ejection
Massive many star star burst
Spectral analysis: spatial coincidence
Universe exploded