Work Of Art — How Will I Know? lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "How Will I Know?" by Work Of Art.


Night falls, this town comes alive, it’s mysterious
How I feel it’s heart begins to beat
Bright city lights makes me delirious
I get lost in the rhythm of the streets
As I dance much too close to the heat
Passion takes control
Every time that we meet
How will I know if this love can be true, if it’s serious girl
How will I know if it’s love, am I hoping in vain
I look into your eyes to blue
Wondering if you want this too
How will I know if this love, won’t brake my heart
Dawn breaks, the sun rise again will it shine on us Or was it just a dream that felt so real
As I’m touched by the first ray of light
I ask myself can something
So wrong feel so right
Will you still be there beside me When the night is over
Will I ever really know