Wilson — Waiting For the World to Cave In lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Waiting For the World to Cave In" by Wilson.


Nobody knows just how I’m feeling
Except for the bones under my skin
When all that I’ve done it pulls me under
Wake of my past it moves again
Rolling me in this nightmare that’s never over
Now I’m waiting for the world to cave in Now I’m waiting for the world
I cannot get out
Waves of the sea rush over our bodies
While the sky in the night it holds our weight
My eyes roll back and they start to wander
I Can’t Look at this mess that I’ve made
Hang me from the noose there’s no escape
It’s always got me Holding to you like the night holds the moon
The way that you move is the hell that owns me The nails in my tomb, like the knives in my wounds
Tonight, she holds me under the noose
She’s got me Yea! I cannot get out