Volture — Nightrance lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Nightrance" by Volture.


I’ve seen the creatures in the night
Feeding on their hungry minds
Illuminate the world you see
The brightness of the darkness in their eyes
The minotaurs all stand in line
Take us to the furnace of mankind
Riding the conveyer upon the realm of fire
Burning deep inside
Racing through the netherworlds
Stuck in the astral plane
Escape the void that’s in your mind
Of thoughts that were arcane
The more you try to break away
The more intense the pain
Trapped inside an unknown world
Where the mind appears insane
The kingdoms of the seven kings
Have begun to be forged into one
The keeper’s of the secrets
Of the mysteries of ancient Babylon
The oracles of old foretold the plight of man
Would be his own demise
There will be no turning back
The universe has drifted into time
Because in my dreams
I see it all
The height of our power
And then the fall
So come with me to the end of days
Will time expire as they all say?
A blood filled moon
Over eclipsed skies
In blood red seas
Shouting painful cries
The hand of fate
Will be unfurled
Reaping its vengeance
At the end of the world