Viva Fidel — Triumphant lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Triumphant" by Viva Fidel.


Take this moment in history multiply it a thousand times for whenever they
mention me and quote my rhymes
Represent the voiceless, all in together now
This is the point where the hood stand proud
Fists in the air, look at the crowd
The conversation of the nation gone have to change
My music is home schooling, boy who you think you fooling?
This a new level
If we think like a team we could be eating like kings
And make’em respect it cause we all connected
Business development /amazing intelligence
Global love, i give the planet a hug
Cause I’m larger than America, bigger than the world think
Breaking the sterotypes to break the bank
Motivate and moving forward, before you know if
I’m off on another stage to get the youth engaged!
How we gone win in the future if we lose today?
Killing the game, bring life on the mic
In the beginning was the word
Can i shed some light? life?
Break from radio interview:
Viva fidel: alright, so explain to my listeners a little about this project,
this assignment, your class and a little bit about this discussion we’re
going to be having today
Dr. Townsend: A significant portion of the course is dedicated to understanding
Hip Hop culture, and its relation to Black Reality
The culture was bashed now we teaching the class
Leading the mass
Bring the flags together
We clebratin', the other side hatin'
Where do you stand in the movement for self improvement?
Work your plan and plan your work
They ask where I’m from…
The Earth is my turf
Born on Planet Rock, the beat don’t stop
My street poetry make the media notice me
Police play us closely trying to be nosey
I’m moving fast in silence
Don’t promote violence, thats a different thing from self-defense
This is just a intro, call up the kinfolk
Summon the underground, spread the good news
Special report I write my thoughts, keep a long story short
Trying to gather the masters
Get rich faster — cause we headed for disaster
These the scrolls of preparation, how many times i gotta say it, say it?
Break 2 from interview:
Dr. Townsend: and a part of this because of my research interest personally
involves understanding how Hip Hop can be used as a tool to promote social
Banging like its supposed to forever on fire-that means its infinitely lit
Building bridges for independents linking with the real
Sharing tools on the battle field
Thinking bout the world tour, speak it into existence
Movies on the big screen, living the dreams
Doing tracks with my favorite emcees
Flying overseas, building something for the seeds
Major conversations and solutions
Thats all I’m dealing with
I guess thats what is all really meant…
Ain’t no sides to a circle — so i don’t mess with squares
Let me «Take U There» or listen here…
The civilized rise to teach
So the babies can survive, preach!
Everything else is emotional
Let the tears flow, take a seat shotgun
Let me drop one, eyes on the road
God speed limit slow this ain’t no race, we got dreams to chase…
Break 3 from interview
Dr Danna: They are also asked submit interview questions that they would like
to ask Fidel, which will be the substance of the interview today but before we
get to the questions, I think it might be beneficial for your listeners Fidel