Viva Fidel — Never Always lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Never Always" by Viva Fidel.


Have you ever wanted to say what you were really thinking?
Put the pen to the pad, or go straight off the dome!
Get you some release therapy, a moment of clarity
When I recite- it’s silent, psychologically violent
Let me tell you bout this life I lead — A mastermind
Past the concept of time, rhyming shit amazing
Archived and ageless, scribbeled out on pages
The days of my life shared with out fear for the world to hear
The word is the weapon, the message is clear
Execute ya mission, step up ya bigger vision!
This is called upliftment, its time to take you higher
I help you get through the fire! Got something to inspire
The ones I love even the few that hate
This just a test of faith
Keep ya head on straight, don’t never turn ya back!
It’s going down, just like that
Never Surrender, Always Remember!
Staying on that war zone mentality reality is art
And this is frontline love
Reinforcement for our forces
Somebody gotta step up up and become a voice for the voiceless
Teach our youth about back before the poison
So they can balance out their choices
And see the «trap» before they step in it
By now we already know how you go out and get it
Don’t get offended, see greed make the smartest muthaf*ka get stupid
Now rap is like a hustle they don’t even honor the music
Don’t be scare to stand strong put yo thinking cap on
And tilt that…
Here hit this…
Don’t even trip…
Don’t event trip…
Never Surrender Always Remember
Because right now, through the truthful revelations that we have to deal with
and face in our own homes, where our own hearts' at
And right within our own families, in our own communities
We gotta step up and step out and fix
Some of these situations
In other words, our conversations need some elevation
You understand what I’m saying?
It’s for real. It might be normal to some ya know, and It might be strange and
unheard of to others…
But can you identify your enemy? I mean really?
What was you sent here for?
Everything happens for a reason, what did you happen for?
You gotta ask yaself…
All across the Planet Rock, we show love
It’s a survival instinct, we barely get a chance to bllnk out here
Spittin' these lines, standing up being a spine
And being a strength representing generations of intelligence!
Like that