Viva Fidel — G Files lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "G Files" by Viva Fidel.


Viva fidel:
Grapple with me…
Active affirmations
Trafficking back & forth
In between news flashes
And indecent propositions
I’m in a heaven of a position
Trying not to get sweated by a pig
A swine
A blood sucker
Lollipop, hitch hiking, side speaking imitatiors
Need not even speak on these
Serious vibrations
Made from the original seed
Groove and Krush
Rock, Bounce, Break
Stop all the hate!
We see through the politricks
And the distractions
Its time for a new satisfaction… ultimately
And right on time
We stash this right in the G Files
As the secrets stalk the streets
Keep ya lil dividends to yourself
Take ya last breath and get this right
We have arrived
We are here to help
This is Healthy Hip Hop
I am viva fidel
Signing out, right here