Viva Fidel — Build Not Battle lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Build Not Battle" by Viva Fidel.


Build Not Battle
«we conversate, contemplate, see love dont wait and love dont hate
Speak from ya heart and take a deep breath
Lets come to an understanding and stick to our planning
In so many ways we communicate to keep our frequency tight
On ya darkest days you can use this as ya light
We eye to eye cussing and fussin
When emotions take over just dead the disscussion!
Somebody bound to say something…
See, words so powerful like my classic quotes
When we sit down and talk it sound like classic beautiful music notes…
The keys to peace, listening to each and every word
Its nobody’s business but guess what I heard
We gone build not battle
Cause all that is is just a waste of time, if it take ten hours or ten minutes
just speak your mind
And be civilized then keep it movin
Everybody so quick to fight then get to shootin
We stop talking to our neighbors and keeping up with fam
Who else you gone call you can’t trust your fake friends
I see’em puttin on that face, thats what it take to stay alive
People don’t even speak, say 'peace', or say 'HI, how ya doin'?
But everybody looking around at our community ruined
Then niggas get on the mic and spit a fantasy killer life
Maybe im talking to a wall, or maybe im talkin to my brothers
They let me one ear, then I drop some jewles before I come out the other
We gone build not battle
And its a pleasure to meet you too we can start this off right
I translate, intrepretate, state my case by the look on my face
6 degress all of a sudden turn to 3 when your ideas are expressed to me
Taking over the table and family meetings
Soaking up game from the elders, and OGs, then pass it to the young seeds
Mind detect mind, if you great we probably think alike, some things better not
brought to light
Just pay attention to the wisdom, the tradition in my dna
Rythmn and poetry, bringing things to life
I buss for therapy and cuss for clarity
And all we gotta do is unite, unite, unite, yea
We gone build not battle