Viper — The Life of Me lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Life of Me" by Viper.


The life of a hustla'
The life of a grinda'
The life of a killa'
The life of a g
The life of a thug
The life of a shina'
The life of a stanga'
The life of me
I’m locked on win
That’s how this story begins
Every day for me is a big vacation
No end to my cash, so anywhere I’ll be placin'
My body, every day
I’m coming up in so many ways
Always parlayin, just havin fun
The 2013's just came out so I gotta get one
Truth is it’s tricky even if you got it
That’s why im the only one with silver in my pockets
Ballin', that’s all I know
I do this rapping shit for fun, this ain’t' how I make my dough
You ain’t' know? (you ain’t know?), I was made before the rap game
I was six figures before I chose my rap name
It’s my looks that makes the girls go crazy
And my money that makes these pussy niggas want to erase me
The time it takes to get cuties, I expedite
They need me right then, to make them feel great
My cash stangs, as my diamonds gleam
Got boys in fantasies livin' make believe
Dreaming, they could be like me
But that’s a wish that they’ll never see
All they doin' is pretending
They all stuck on broke, no cash winnin'
In the beginning, I was hood rich
One of karma’s rewards for not turnin' snitch
Did my penitentiary time, and didn’t say shit
Then came my two-two hundred racks that I went in with