Vinnie Paz — Envy the Dead lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Envy the Dead" by Vinnie Paz.


Go calmly
Go calmly
I never had anybody that’s why I needed you
I will give my fucking life, I would bleed for you
I never thought that my intellect could compete with you
I moved to the commune and conceded to you
You lead people in with meditative rituals
And Western Hermetic tradition and its principles
Are you the persecuted prophet that’s invincible?
Can you turn unpure polluted water drinkable?
I believe you when you said you that you were godsent
That you would take care of my family and mom’s rent
The living conditions was crazy in the Lord’s tent
But I believed in the doctrine and all its content
I had total separation from earthly desires
That was just part of the energy perfectly pious
It wasn’t anybody studying thirsty as I was
You mixed Jewish mysticism and verses of Cyrus
Ahmadiyya Islam and Judah Halevi
You had us eating out of your palm and was doing it easy
I would kill for you as long as you wouldn’t leave me
I gave you everything I had just so that you could deceive me
It’s never the right time
It’s never the right time
It’s never the right time
Go Calmly
Go Calmly
When I questioned anything I was told to believe
This is thought reform I was too frozen to leave
I daydream about the son and ocean and seas
But if I left how would I deal with my social disease
I started noticing you didn’t live what you said
You were the only one with a crib and a bed
I don’t think you ever even cared if we bled
You ate like a king, but you gave bits of bread
There was something about the time you spent with the kids
That didn’t sit well with me wouldn’t stick to ribs
I prayed that you weren’t doing the things that you did
Cause I would rip your fucking heart out and split your wig
Nah chill, I know you would never do that
You a father figure I’m stupid I should’ve knew that
Can you ever forgive me? I’m just a new jack
But something in the back of my head said to pursue that
I started recognizing that you was a trust bandit
Psychologically abusive and a rough granite
You recruited your followers from a rough planet
Made us into idol? that’s from a rough canvas
Disrespected your subordinants
And I started seeing through all your horse shit
You don’t deserve my worship that’s strictly gods gift
Run up on you hit the off switch (BUHH)
It’s never the right time
It’s never the right time
It’s never the right time
Go Calmly
Go Calmly
Go Calmly