Vildhjarta — Regnar Bensin lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Regnar Bensin" by Vildhjarta.


Language isn’t needed to understand what I mean
But through the years something got lost in translation
Dissolve my skin, devour my flesh
Chew my bones and spit me out
Before i’ll be gone
Unable to let go
The currents will draw me
Into this inferno
And show that i’m blind
In between this time and mine
I have nothing to portray
Given that I would be here
I would never wish to stay
The depraved indifference
To consequences beyond
Imaginable measures
Or even when it’s spelled out
A council of despair
Instant gratification
Leads us inevitably
Down a long dark road
No matter what desire
Makes these veins
Turn into floods of fire
It’s all a painful game
Forever twisting, turning
But still the same