Vildhjarta — Mist förståndet lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Mist förståndet" by Vildhjarta.


Staring blind into the abyss that is myself
Left with knowledge
Left with fear and despair
Of what this existance turned out to be
Days goes by yet I cannot seem to
Find the strength to carry on
Further down, into the darkness
Clawing for something to give this worth
This gruesome pain is more than I deserve
Still I can do nothing but carry on
I must let go of the illusion
Or the anxiety will never end
I can’t imagine how it must feel, when this is over
To let go of the foolish illusion of some sort of control
You delve inside
You try to save yourself
As you’re falling apart
And I would smile to silence your question
Then crown you as the king of fools
For the only way out of this dilemma is to move along
And give them what they want but then you’re fucked
Let the lions led the way
Or you will end up as their prey
Hear them roar, they will roar until you’ve
Perfected your stature, perfect your stature
You’ll cut yourself upon the pieces
When you walk on the crushed mirror shambles
Let the blood find it’s way through your skin
I repent this act where chaos reign
Idolized by those who stay
In the endless gray
But it will be worse, so much worse
There’s thousands of evils
I see them all
How viciously they encircle me
And at my feet forever fall