Viktor Mastoridis — Octopus lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Octopus" by Viktor Mastoridis.


1. The octopus is red; he has a fat head
All he goes is in his bed
The octopus is yellow, he’s a good fellow
All he does is — eat mush mellow
2. The octopus is pink, he has a good wink
All he does is all day swimming
The octopus is blue, he doesn’t have a clue
What to do with this terrible glue
O-o-octopus (Octopus) (x2)
Aha, Mhm
3. The octopus is orange; he eats a lot of porridge
All he does is — squash his orange
The octopus is black, he lives in a sack
All he does is tickle his back
4. The octopus is purple, he lives in a circle
All he does is chase a turtle
The octopus is grey, he lives in hay
All he does is chase and play
O-o-octopus (Octopus) (x2)
Aha, Mhm
5. The octopus is silver, he’s a good builder
All he does is make pure silver
The octopus is green, he’s very mean
I am telling you, he’s quite extreme
6. The octopus is white, he is very bright
All he does is: read and write
The octopus is gold, his house is old
And all the time he feels so cold
O-o-octopus (Octopus) (x2)
Aha, Mhm