Useless ID — Same Story, Someone New lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Same Story, Someone New" by Useless ID.


Same story here it goes, more hard times falling in love.
Even the best doesn’t seem to please me.
A guardian angel left my broken heart in hell.
I thought i was over it, but I’m not.
Sometimes on valentine’s, i get someone new in mind.
I think I’ve fallen for the wrong girl.
That time of year again, when relationships all end.
I find myself with my friends alone again, feeling down on god knows what?
I don’t even care about doing the right thing too many times (when i should).
The past repeats itself.
The future brings me someone else.
I wish it was all different but, for now I’ll manage.
Somehow with what I’ve got, hold to it till it’s gone and maybe then I’ll find
the right one.
This concludes with my life and now i hope you get well soon.
Maybe we’ll meet again next year.
We’ll all be here