TUFF — Forever Yours lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Forever Yours" by TUFF.


It’s been so long that I’ve been waiting, you
said you’d love me till the end of time.
I miss that smile, I need you back now, I need
to be in your arms again.
Sorry that I left you, its all been said and
Honey let me show you, baby you’re the one!
I’ll be forever yours, you gotta believe me when I’m saying.
I’ll be forever yours, stick it out baby, I’m hoping
and praying.
I’ve made it clear can’t you hear me saying,
won’t you give me one more shot?
Just you and me together baby, we’re gonna
take it, take it to the top. Yaaa!
Forever yours, it’s been so long.
Forever yours, that I’ve been waiting.
Forever yours, I miss your smile I need
you back now.
Chorus Out: