TUFF — Ain't Worth a Dime lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Ain't Worth a Dime" by TUFF.


A dirty little girl, you never did nothing.
Earned a reputation, you must have done
Seventeen years watcha got to show. Nothing
I could do to break your heart of stone.
You ain’t worth a dime, wasting all my time on you baby.
You ain’t wortha dime (ain't worth a dime) of my time.
You ain’t too shy, ain’t to tuff. No one’s gonna
help you, who you gonna trust.
I gave you a home then I paid the price. Left
me for a promise and the midnight life.
You can’t come and go, or do as you please.
When your rotten in the gutter like a bad
I hear you singing, singing them blues. With
an arm full of juck and a bottle of booze