True God — Piece of Me lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Piece of Me" by True God.


I think there’s a perception, of love, full of conception
When it starts to break down, you see the time you’ve invested
There’s no natural selection. If feelings come and go, there’s no protection
So even hurt will in time become accepted
And so… while I sit here, just reading books to my daughter
I’m looking around her room seeing everything that we bought her
Flashbacks to her mom giving birth inside of that water
Fast forward to present day, and this family’s facing slaughter
Remembering what I taught her… I never thought she would harbor
All this hurt and resentment, perhaps I gave her incentive
So, now I’m a baby father… Instead of being a husband
We both stubborn and petty, I’m ready to find redemption
She’s ready to find attention. I couldn’t see her intentions
She seems to have a new man, nothing I could do in prevention
But… live your life, though it ain’t as short as we think
Bring that nigga near my daughter, I’ll kill him! Won’t even blink
I’m watching you moving backwards. She thinks it’s cool to be ratchet
While hair and skin might be natural, image is something practiced
So is she fake in the actual?
Or maybe I’m just bitter, while painting a clearer picture, cause moving on
isn’t practical
So is this heartbreak? Maybe it isn’t known
It’s probably karma. I’ve dished out a couple heartbreaks on my own
So, before you leave out, and we create issues?
Here… there's a piece of my soul you can take with you
So I’m just giving you a piece of me… a piece of me
A keepsake for you to hold if you were seeking me
Before I go, I gotta leave you with a piece of me
I guess that everything was nothing like it seemed to be
So I’m just giving you a piece of me… a piece of me
So I’m just giving you a piece of me… a piece of me
So I’m just giving you a piece of me… a piece of me
I guess that everything was nothing like it seemed to be
How we come about? Truthfully can’t remember
Maybe I do a little, I think we met in December
Scratch that, there was a snow storm, thinking it’s February
We known each other for years, so timing ain’t necessary
What’s odd is that you liked me for years and never noticed
Well, maybe I saw the signs, but on you I just wasn’t focused
You had a boyfriend initially, with whom you had some history
Together for a couple years, but you don’t think it’s meant to be
So we end up chilling, why we did is still a mystery
And then you had started kissing me. Lines? We crossed them essentially
I’m in your room, on top of you, caught inside of your wetness
This nigga’s calling your phone, right then… I start to regret this
Next morning you break up with him, hoping he gets the message
Say you got some heavy feelings and you just want to express it
But shit, I didn’t feel the same, I just let it continue
Kiss your neck to not look in your eyes whenever I’m in you
There’s guilt inside of my heart, but I wasn’t thinking with that!
Her pussy so tight and wet, that’s what keeps bringing me back!
Some time later, she’s in search of commitment, I couldn’t give to her
And at this point, relationships only create a prisoner
She’s got her own place, she’s asking me can I live with her
She said I got her heart, but in mine? She’s only a visitor
And though at times a nigga may miss you…
Here’s a piece of my mind you can take with you
We met at work, she said she’s looking for her «Mr. Right.»
I’m staring at her thinking «damn, this girl’s my kryptonite.»
Redbone, phat ass, and pretty feet
We started talking everyday and at a point the shit gets deep
We daily texting and chatting/ and soon everybody starts to think…
That we’re an item, blame me for letting it happen
Maybe I’m tripping since she’s older, thinking this ain’t perfect timing
On the dance floor at the Christmas party, we touching and grinding
Watched her cry inside the cafe, heard her sing, which was rare
She used to be in a band, but stopped singing cause no one cared
Well, maybe that’s a bit harsh, she just never saw success
Became a fan of DAR, and said with talent I was blessed
Conversations heating up, late nights just talking sex
She said the way I used to word things would quickly make her wet
Fast forward, shit done changed, shit, now? We barely talking
She may text me every now and then, but really isn’t often
She said «you might be the one, but our bond is way too close.»
She sent me nudes the next day, so I’m confused in her approach!
Maybe its meant to be a fantasy, and simply nothing more?
Phone sexing, freaky texting but that’s all that we explore
I can’t lie, I felt connection but just knew it wouldn’t work
If we tried, it wouldn’t last, so why risk us getting hurt?
Maybe in the future, I may get you
But, here’s a piece of imagination you can take with you