Trini-D — I Forgot lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "I Forgot" by Trini-D.


I can not stomach
These memories as I rummage
Back through the past
I’m confronted with numbness
I try to find strength to be summoned
While these waves of emotion flood in
All of a sudden, it came without warning
With no introduction (I forgot)
I deserve to be punished
I got lost in the moment
with a broken compass
What I saw in my future seems faded
Darkness seems so close
I can smell it, feel it, taste it
Pressed down by life, I feel weighted
If it’s you though, break in
Break me
Teach me patience, you are the fullness of my cry
Otherwise life is wasted
If I order my ways, before you
You will show me salvation
So consider this
Those who forget God
Can we pervert our ways and never get caught?
We could go back to be healed
But we did not offer thanksgiving
And sacrifice to give props
Confess your sins, he is faithful and he is just
To forgive us as to receive Jesus
So walk in him, rooted and built up
Don’t be taken captive
Be aware of what you’ve been taught
My tongue is the pen of a ready writer
I live to stir you up
By way of reminder
That Jesus is the Christ, Messiah
John 17:24 — those who are His are His desire
I forgot God, my life’s tragedy
My faith decayed
It happened gradually
Went from my mistakes
Participate actively
Work out your faith
Before that, your
It’s obvious that God exists
But the problem is man’s forgotten this (2x)