TRC — 10,000 Hours lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "10,000 Hours" by TRC.


It had just gone 5 O’clock on a Thursday and true say I’d had a messed up
I trained in the morning, I met Nic at noon
Hurry up girl I’m starving
You said «Be here soon»
And that’s the one downside to you
Your timekeeping’s appalling
You know that it’s true
And as she dropped me at the nearest tube
After that little placed served lunch for two
She says «What's wrong Chris
Why are you so Blue?
Why the screw face
Why the mood?» I was off to get a tattoo from Dan Gold
It was cold outside
I better put on layer two
She’s like «where's your sunshine gone?
You’ve been playing soppy sad boy bollocks for too long.»
And I knew that she was right
But I couldn’t see past the clouds despite blinding bright lights
And sometimes in life I would get a little down
For no particular reason
See I ain’t got a reason to from, alright, my life’s build on uneasy ground
But I work my balance in the gym
And I’ve got the mental strength to stay focussed for 10, 00 hours
And crossing the road at that moment I felt something hit me
And it was pretty damn hard
But thankfully it weren’t a bike or care
It was life
And it was telling me that time was tight
And if I want to live then I draw the line
And let of of the past and let bright lights lead the way from the dark
I lit a spark
Turned flame thrower
Too hot to hold
But on the flip side the reason that my bed is cold
I was born to be bold
Bang a ball
Get a goal
And I’ve been aiming at this one since 15 years old — true story — that’s all
that’s told
Name drops and references
No jackanory, so barman, come on and pour us a drink so we can toast all the
people that never did think we could do it cheers