Tony Dekker — Under a Magician's Sky lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Under a Magician's Sky" by Tony Dekker.


Arms out of the sides, the wind resists
Open palms and closed fists
And we’re sailing like a river bird
Sails, antennas, wings and keels
A muted smile, a muted sunrise
The only lick of life in a broken sky
The only thing left, that you could let through
And it blew through you, and it shone through you
You and me, like fresh graffiti
And maybe that bit of insanity
That ran those legs into extraordinary fields
Growing away, the only weapon left
Under a magician’s sky
This is how I think of you
Now, inhaling, and locked in time
Uh huh, this is how I think of you
A broken oar, on the rocks overnight
Under a magician’s sky
Uh huh, this is how I think of you
This is how I think of you
Tell me all about it some time
Tell me about it some time