Tim Kasher — Truly Freaking Out lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Truly Freaking Out" by Tim Kasher.


And I know, I know, I know the end is near
And I know because the storm clouds have appeared
Upon your brow when I come around
The lightning in your eyes could burn me down
And I know, I know I worry way too much
And I know you wish I wasn’t so affixed
To this affliction of our time
It’s impossible to appreciate a life flash before our eyes
I was six years old learning how to swim
Then I was 36, wondering how I sunk.
It’s as if the record jumped
And I know you wish I was here in the now
Taking stock in the fact you’re still hanging around
And I truly do, I’m just truly freaking out
I truly believe the sky is falling down
I know, I know, I know the end is near
And I know, I know it’s all downhill from here
We’re all cascading to our graves
Tugging back at gravity’s reigns
And I know, I know the end will swallow us whole
And I know because well, that’s just how it goes
We all erode eventually
I don’t believe the fairy tale of our eternity
That carrot dangled through our youth
It didn’t seem a tad obscene
Your grandparents and pets waiting for you
It scares me to death I might outlive you all
All those eulogies, all the funeral costs
All jokes aside, I simply can’t bear the thought
Or am I first in line, when the dominoes start to fall?
And I know, I know, I know the end is near
And I know, I know you’re going to disappear
I’ll turn away, and poof, you’re gone
This life’s a dirty prick, but still, I’m glad to be put upon