Tim Kasher — Lay Down Your Weapons lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Lay Down Your Weapons" by Tim Kasher.


Lay down your weapons
You don’t want to hurt no one
And anyway, what’s done is done
Sure, it was wrong
But blood will beget blood
Do you really want to rake me over the coals?
Your past due’s in the trash
But the bags are still out on the curb
Mere feet from my happy home
Mine was a landmine
Left out in the unkempt yard
Cigarette butts stained with lip gloss
You had been away on a four day weekend
I could have picked them up
But what’s the fuss?
You could use the clue
And hey, they could have been my sister’s
You don’t know
And it’s killing you
Lay down your weapons
You don’t know how to use that thing
Are you even sure which way it’s pointing?
You’re familiar with the first to cast a stone
Your motives are too shaky to aim true
The problem lies
Not in that we fight
But the weapons that we choose
So lay your weapons down
Lay your weapons down
Lay your weapons down