Tim Kasher — A Lullaby, sort of lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "A Lullaby, sort of" by Tim Kasher.


Mother’s found a lump
Suddenly, everyone’s preparing for a visit
We need to say the words she never said
She’s bought a wig for going out
But when it itches, she lets her hair down
We avert our eyes from death
And wonder which of us is next
Summer’s slumbers kept us younger
The world’s a perfect place
When you don’t know what’s swept under the rug
Just the nose upon your face
Don’t look behind the curtain
In innocence, we are all saints
My father lost his father to a cancer
That left everyone unanswered
Now no one dares to ask about him anymore
I wonder if his father had lived
Could they have settled their differences?
Will we settle ours yet
Or bear these grudges to our deaths?
Autumn’s fallen, hallways darken
The world’s a scary place
It’s best not to know what’s under the bed
Behind the closet door
Your innocence is bliss
Don’t sully it with what’s unknown
Winter’s fingers are boa constrictors
The world is full of heartbreak and lust
And maddening joy
One begets the other
I don’t regret the honey or the sting
Now I lay me down to sleep
Now I lay me down to sleep
Now I lay me down to sleep