Therion — Procreation of eternity lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Procreation of eternity" by Therion.


Magic fate, await possession
Hear demons call through astral hearing
I evocate the forces of the night
Prepare my self to be
A dynast of the night
Demon sorcery is my magic key
My gate to the voids of the dark
Procreation of eternity
I evocate the forces of the night
Prepare my self to be
A dynasty of the night
In the dead of the darkest night
I distort the reality
Once again I will gage my life
To reach my desired might
Then I draw the demons sign
And I open my third eye
I burn the unholy incense
I open up the gate
I am a warrior, I procreate
A new reality to set me free
Gathered illusions of dragons fire
My sould has burned, I hail this fire
I am one who ride his might
See through his black diamond eyes
I ride through qliphotic spheres
In the dark of the blackest night
I laugh as the sun turns black
I procreate my eternity
I procreate for a dark domain
I hail the Great Red Dragon
The seven headed, the Mighty One
With ten horns, the Eternal One
Forbidden knowledge and dragonfire
Infernal forces just bring me higher