The Show Ponies — We're Not Lost lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "We're Not Lost" by The Show Ponies.


I’d love to see your face again
My childhood friend, how have you been?
Would you show up at my door
After the war you’ve been fighting in?
12, 000 miles in your car
We slept on the Cassiar
We wrote down our lives on video
Now you’ve learned to shoot a gun
And I took my 101s
And we’ve finally come to see that all we know
Is where we are, but we don’t know where to go
We were hiking up that creek
Just to see what we could find
We wanted to get back home
But everything in between was undefind
It was 10 o’clock at night
But the sun was shining bright
Through the rain clouds, all the colors, they did show
When we got up to that crest
My heart was beating through my chest
We were miles and miles and miles from the road
We’re not lost, we just don’t know where to go
So it seems our paths diverge
But reemerge for a while
It comes time to disembark
And walk apart for miles
But I miss you, my friend
Will I see you in the end?
Out in the unknown
We’re not lost
We’re not lost
We’re not lost
We’re not lost
We just don’t know where to go