The Shadowboxers — Like All the Rest lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Like All the Rest" by The Shadowboxers.


If your love
Is a frozen wind
It’ll carry me
As I breathe it in
If your love
Is an unsung sea
I’ll swim through the waves
Even if it kills me
And over time
I’ve raised you up to shine so bright
And to hold you tight
Would bring you down and make it dark as night
I don’t know your name
But you’re an angel all the same
Dressed in summer greens
Your eyes look back at me
That’s what keeps me sane
Your picture in a frame
Should I lose this dream
Then like all the rest you’d be
If your love
If it’s a losing game
I’ll still play it, yes I’ll play it anyway
If your love
Means they’ll hunt us down
I don’t care, I’ll still run with you
Yes I’ll run with you from town to town