The Remnant — Withering Heights: The Difference Between U and I lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Withering Heights: The Difference Between U and I" by The Remnant.


We began hand in hand
Nothing but collard greens and candied yams
To understand, imagine magic from Aladdin’s lamp
A genie’s wish upon a star in a fantasy land
Until the pattern got more scrambled than an anagram
And we were arm in arm
Tangled up like a ball of yarn
Disregarding emotional scarring and bodily harm
That sense of breathing underwater was part of the charm
Before long, we bought the farm and a pottery barn
And mouth to mouth can’t breathe life when you’re drowning out
Shouting with a louder shout
Down for the count without a doubt
Resentment can make a ghost town of a crowded house
And sparks don’t fly when the power’s out
But when we were toe to toe
It was like a fuse in the home exploded
Blown at a moment’s notice, emotional roller coasters
We’re both invoking the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
So ferocious with the I-told-you-sos
Cause we never saw eye to eye
To the point that I could be by your side
And feel divided by an iron tide a mile wide
If we’d kept our eyes on the prize we might have survived
But time flies, we said our final goodbyes
Standing face to face, locked in a stalemate on the edge of a razor blade
Feeling the foundation shake
With every crazy mistake you can make in a day
We see all our unbreakable waves of paper mache
Til we’re back to back
All of the bags are packed
Every memory is neatly stacked and plastic-wrapped
There’s no magic, no more passion, or app for that
As happenstance would have it, that’s just that
This is my real life withering heights
And the glimmer is getting dimmer in the shimmering lights
It dwindles until what I’m living isn’t a life
Like an innocent in prisoner stripes
I love you
Let’s start there
Strip the art bare
That’s my heart there
Let me in part share
How we got here
Far from the spark flare
Please be all ears
My place of birth
Born to be the lone roamer of the universe
And I was just a human flirt, drew from dirt
Delivered from the womb to nurse
Dodging Cupid’s curse until I saw you in that tunic skirt
Venus de Milo
My breathtaking eyeful
I began to cat-and-mouse chase: Felix, Fievel
The pursuit pays off, I make my pitch clean and steady
Not ready to make to bite the dust so please be my queen: Freddie
The years then passed by hurriedly
Blissful dates, wedding, first home, child and nursery
Our rocket love became tertiary urgently
Cause you were rushed to the hospital, sheer heart attack, surgery
What am I to do if you ain’t here
Our daughter needs her mother here to root for her
The nuclear family can’t see you go the route of Pluto
I want to love you just the way you are, you know: Bruno
Pseudo stars can’t replace your presence
My Aurora Borealis is bedridden under incandescent lights
Ventilators, and EKG machines
Visiting hours don’t apply to those of us with wedding rings
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Galaxy
Emory Crawford, long angioplasty
The lump in my throat, that clump in your artery
The prospect of going on without you is hard for me
And this is my real life withering heights
And I’m praying to Christ to the tune of «Give Me The Night,»
So you might greet the sun tomorrow when the curtain’s drawn
Cause morning without you is a dwindled dawn
So please hold on and stay strong
Just hold on