The Protomen — V: The Stand (Man or Machine) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "V: The Stand (Man or Machine)" by The Protomen.


Dr Light: You’re trying to understand.
I told you your brother had been killed.
Yet, here he stands in the very shadow of the man you came here to destroy.
You came here to avenge his death.
You came here to save mankind.
You see now, you cannot do both.
Protoman: Tell me now.
Is there a man among you here?
Is there no one who will stand up and try to fight?
Tell me Man, is there not one in all your ranks?
Is there not one who values courage over life?
They looked to me once.
Now they turn to you.
Do you understand now?
Do you see that the truth is they don’t want to change this?
They don’t want a hero.
They just want a martyr, a statue to raise.
I’ve given everything I can.
There are no heroes left in man.
So it begins!
No matter which one of us lives, the ground we’re standing on will crack and
blow away.
And you will fight.
But when you fight, you’ll fight alone.
And in the end you’ll see there was no other way.
I’ve been here before.
I’ve stood where you stand.
They called me their hero, The Hero of Man.
But why should we save them
when they stand for nothing?
If they deserve life, LET THEM STAND FOR THEMSELVES.
We’ve given everything we can.
There are no heroes left in man.
They’ll watch you die to save their lives.
They will not stand here by your side.
Protoman: We’ve given everything we can.
There are no heroes left in man.
So let them watch as we decide the very fate of all mankind!