The Protomen — Father Of Death lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Father Of Death" by The Protomen.


Light: What have I done?
Though I did not pull the trigger
I built the gun
That he holds in in his hand
Last night I dreamed
I climbed to the top of a mountain of metal
and for miles I could see
the destruction of man.
I will not be the Father of Death.
Darling Emily
Everything that I have done
I have done for you
But it turned out all wrong.
Can I take it back?
Can I turn off this machine
before it destroys
everything that I love?
I will find a way to make this right!
I will find a way, Emily.
I will not be the Father of Death!
Emily: What are you doing here?
Man (Possibly Wily?): Let me take you away
Emily: I’m not going anywhere.
Man: He will be nothing when this runs its course!
Emily: He will be everything that a man is supposed to be!
Emily: If the shadow blocks out the sun!
There will be Light!
Emily: If it stays 'till the sun is set!
There will be Light!
Emily: If the sun never shows its face again!
There will be Light!
Emily: No matter how dark the city gets!
There will be Light!
(Thanks to The Protomen for these lyrics)