The Love Machine — Green Tea & Honey lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Green Tea & Honey" by The Love Machine.


I want to be kind to my friends
i don’t think I appreciate them
But I know that I can, and I’m working at it everyday.
I’m scared to let go
but it’s time for a change
I need to bow out before this curses my name.
Its a talent-less game, I best not play along again
I’ll travel by foot all around, so that I know that I could, and get this all
Its an uncomfortable bout
I fear has got the worst of me
If you hear my name walk away, if it all means the same.
You’re not looking at me, you won’t see what I see
and I’m nowhere near accepting that
See I’m waiting for when I don’t have to pretend that I ever really cared about
the way my hand pushes the pen around
I strongly believe you ought to know
When you wake can you cure my disease with your lips?
I daresay I’ve come down with what all others have missed
While everyone slept I was running around
I couldn’t have stopped; I would have lost all the sound