The Friday Prophets — From the Ground Up lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "From the Ground Up" by The Friday Prophets.


Indoctrinated with your beliefs
I found myself in a place with no harmony
A mockery of my cognition
The world is perceived through more than a single frame
No matter how I yelled my voice was never heard
There was monopoly on opinions and I owned no rights
Who was to argue? These constitutions of authority
Left me speechless on my knees answering to
No I’ve risen I’m back to claim what’s mine
It’s in the beat of my heart
So I’ll keep dancing to its rhythm
I’m not here to conquer the world I came I saw
I’m razing your cornerstones to build my own foundation
Anarchic heart wants what it wants
I laugh with the sinners
Rather than cry with the saints
I’m a pariah
That’s what you see
A member of the cast
In the freak show you can’t stand
It’s in the beat of my heart
I’m dancing to its rhythm
On the grave of your beliefs
I’m on my own this time
Razing your cornerstones
To build my own foundation
These words will be my testament
This song my own anthem