The Friday Prophets — Choreographed Misbehavior lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Choreographed Misbehavior" by The Friday Prophets.


Do I have to snort cocaine?
Be an anarchist?
And a nihilist?
Get a mohawk and sing fuck the world?
Or should I go straight edge?
And go vegan?
Yell as loud as I can?
And make a political stand?
So here are these wrapped up packages of rebellion
Am I suppose to take a pick?
And confine to this choreographed misbehavior
Where I break the rules cause that’s the rule
Fuck that!
At first it was inspiring opposing and defying
Now there are rules and the meaning has lost it’s aim
I’m so sorry so that I may not live up
To your rules and expectations
And live by your punk rock bible