The Earls of Mars — The Last Glass Eye-Maker lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Last Glass Eye-Maker" by The Earls of Mars.


The Way You View Me
You Look Right Through Me
I thought You Knew Me
Made to Define Me
Somehow Refine Me
Even Desire Me
It Took Me So Long
To Carve You Out From
The Glass You Came From
Others May See Wrong
How Could This Be Wrong
To Me You Belong
I Watch You Watch Them
Wish You Were Of Them
Like I Was Nothing
Did I Not Make You
I Not Create You
Gave Life Unto You
I Don’t Want To Share With This World
Cause They’re All Bastards
Just One Incision
To Place you Within Me
I’ll See What You see
At Once it’s Blinding
The Darkness Binds In Me
As One We Will Be
I Will Not Share You With This World
Cause Fuck You Backwards
It’s All For You
The Gleam In My Eye