The Allstonians — The Allston Beat lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Allston Beat" by The Allstonians.


See the girl waking down the street
The pretty one from the local university
Came to school to study hard
Now she’s distracted by the parties down in her backyard
She never wanted to, but now she’s moved right in
And now she knows exactly what’s been happening
Forget the things people say, forget the rumors you’ve heard
You know that living in Allston is the only way
See the cat walking down the street
His brain is shaved, Doc Martin kickers on his feet
He couldn’t live anywhere else in town
Without a dirty look or nasty word from someone trying to put him down
He isn’t really bad, he’s not a thug or cheat
He likes to live his life to the Allston Beat
Forget the rumors you’ve heard, forget the things people say
You know that living in Allston is the final word
See Harvard Ave. in the morning light
Not much destruction from the wildness of an Allston night
You would have loved it if you could have been here
Amongst the laughter and 9, 000 barrooms selling beer
We walk the streets until dark and then we stay up till dawn
We have some fun daddy-o you know it’s really gone
With all the things you can do and all the freaks you can meet
That’s why we’re shaking and quaking to the Allston Beat