The Allstonians — Jimmy lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Jimmy" by The Allstonians.


Jimmy’s on his way to work — he grabs a bite to eat
Walks down to the subway — he wants to get a seat
Sees a pregnant lady — going for the only one
He slides into it, turns away — his day has just begun
Wake up Jimmy; you’re not the only man on earth
Wake up Jimmy; you were not crowned and blessed at birth
Wake up Jimmy; there are other people out there too
Wake up Jimmy; the world doesn’t spin around you
Friday night, Jimmy’s drunk and hanging with some friends
It seems the party’s just begun, he hopes it never ends
At 3 AM his neighbors call saying «Jimmy it’s too loud»
He tells them off and turns it up — yeah, Jimmy’s really proud
Jimmy is a ruler — at least in his own mind
But Jimmy is a loser — he’s selfish all the time
Jimmy’s got a date tonight — his girlfriend’s looking sweet
She swings on by to pick him up, he says «Baby, it’s my treat»
They have some burgers, and some fries and two large Cherry Cokes
But when it’s time to pay the bill he says «Oops, I guess I’m broke!»