The Allstonians — Emily Slumber lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Emily Slumber" by The Allstonians.


Emily Slumber sleeps through the haze
Of a long lonely June afternoon
She doesn’t number all of her days
Or the nights that she spends with the moon
She is a wonder to all her friends
The ones that say they’re her friends
Emily Slumber drinks in the cool
Of the star laden dark of the sky
Thoughts ripped asunder by the sound
That you hear in her sigh
It is no blunder that she’s alone,
She is painfully shy
She doesn’t cry
She always smiles at all the days in passing
She doesn’t try
try to explain all of her ways fantastic
Emily Slumbers picks up the cup
That she’s filled with the dust of her life
She doesn’t lumber, she dances around
She’s amazingly light. She isn’t under
Any big clouds, she shines with the bright of the sun