The Allstonians — Brighton Memories lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Brighton Memories" by The Allstonians.


Hanging out on Brighton Ave.
Watching ladies walk with daily chores
Laundry baskets, grocery bags
Disappear behind windows and doors
Canary yellow houses stand
Nest to lots where school boys hide in trees
Pairs of dogs that wag their tails
Shouts of joy and screams for wounded knees
Brighton memories never change from year to year
So I’ll never have to look to find a home
Children cry on benches clear
Water cheeks are filled with roses red
Old men smile beamingly
Ask if you’ll repeat what you just said
Party on the block each year
Lots of beer that goes right to your head
Old men wander aimlessly
Ask if you’ll repeat what you just said