The Allstonians — Big Empty Stein lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Big Empty Stein" by The Allstonians.


Sit in the kitchen at the end of the day
Have a beer and let the tension melt away
You drink it from a stein, present from Helga and Klaus
The German couple living downstairs in your house
Helga is screaming at her husband again
Seems like their difficulties just won’t end
The shouting and the threats — you know you’ve heard 'em before
It’s just a part of living on the second floor
Looks like you’ve reached the bottom
Seems like the perfect time
To crack another cold one
Fill that big empty stein!
Look out the window at the building next door
See the reflection coming from the first floor
Right below you, see the shoving begin
You know as always, neither one will win
His hands 'round her throat, you see her gasping for air
A glint in his eye, you know he does not care
She reaches back, grabs her big empty stein
And cracks him in the skull — he won’t get up this time