Tess Parks — Walk Behind Your House lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Walk Behind Your House" by Tess Parks.


Well I melted and fell flat after
I was built so tall
When I was just so young
Wanted to stay home a lil' longer
In the room next to my sisters
My best friend is my neighbor
Ask him favors for favors
Jesus is our savior
Took it all for the team
Could have new friends for the highway
Battered up old faces for kicks
To drive us on the freeway
To drive us all to the States
Buyin' Coors at gas stations
And loiter around parking lots
Went down pickin' on these guys
While watchin' all the poets fall
As our bodies decay
By the side of the road
Put an ordinary lovin' to spare
Don’t let yourself go back to this pain
Take a walk behind your house
Watch your sister cry
I was a bad person
I did stuff, yeah
I was free
Now I’m all I wanna be