Tess Parks — This Time Next Year lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "This Time Next Year" by Tess Parks.


You sit and wonder:
This time next year
Am I gettin' stronger
Or will I disappear
Will my heart be thicker
And less full of fear
And will my heart beat quicker
This time next year
And do I have to leave, admit defeat
And do you love me sober
When I land on my feet
And could I be wiser
Yeah, I’d like to know
And what fate do I miss
If I have to go
And will I be better
Yeah, I’d like to know
If I go home crying
This time next year
And will I fuck up again
In a similar way
And will I lose all my money
And have nowhere to stay
And will I lose my love
When morning comes
Or will I have found the one
Yeah, yeah
This time next year… (x5)